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Noble Comex is also known as Commodity Exchange Inc.

Noble Comex is also known as Commodity Exchange Inc., In 1994 Comex merged with the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) and became the division responsible for metals trading. It is the market for trading metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum and more are traded over the counter. If you’re looking for an inflation hedge, an alternative investment class, an intraday trading, or a commercial edge, then for the gold and silver futures contracts can be a viable way in order to meet the required needs.

Although one can make significant profits by getting involved in the market by using our Noble Comex. Our research team is devoted to designing the Comex Signals depending upon the needs and interests of the clients.

Also, we believe in providing quality recommendations to our clients that is the reason why our research team is highly dedicated to provide the best intraday as well as short-term delivery recommendations.

Our research team includes highly experienced analysts who focus on the quality of the Signal and provide the best risk: reward ratio and providing accurate recommendations to the clients. Also, include Risk management before generating high-quality Noble Comex Signals to our customers.


$650  (Quarterly)


$1150  (Half  Yearly)


$1950 (Yearly)

  • We daily provide 2-3 recommendations
  • Our service includes the support as well as resistance of the major currencies
  • We use the breakout strategy- Buy above $42.05 and sell below $49.85
  • There will be 2 positions opened at a time so that risk can be efficiently managed
  • All the important news and the economic data such as ECB monitory policy, FED minutes, Foreign currency reserves will be provided in our service
  • The resistance levels and daily support for the World’s major indices
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in our service on a consistent basis
  • Trading should be performed with fixed costs in each recommendation and the lots should not vary frequently for a single instrument.
  • The recommendations should be followed in the way they are received.
  • Stoploss should be properly followed as it is an integral part of risk management.
  • Stoploss should be performed in each and every trade and the trader should exit when the price touches the Stoploss.
  • Always book partial out of which 50% is recommended and the rest should depend on your risk appetite. Moreover, Stoploss should be revised to cost so that one’s position doesn’t go in loss.


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Copyright by Tech Turtle Consultant Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Tech Turtle Consultant Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.